Bathroom counters should combine durability, ease of cleaning and sophistication. With a little planning you can get the perfect look for your lifestyle.

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Find the Right Fit for Your Bathroom

Before you start shopping, make sure you have a clear vision for your renovation. Identify goals and priorities to help guide your decisions. Start With a Plan

Bathroom Countertop Buying Guide

  • tile countertop

    Be sure to research the options when shopping for this well-known and versatile bath staple.

  • granite countertop

    This popular option is distinct and durable. Pay attention to all the luxury looks available.

  • concrete countertop

    Custom craftsmanship makes this a hot trend in countertops — read up on all the options.

  • marble

    It's an elegant option for low-traffic areas. Is this timeless surface right for your lifestyle?

  • engineered stone
    Engineered Stone

    They say it’s like natural stone only better. Read up on this relatively recent addition.

  • solid surface
    Solid Surface

    Get the look of stone without the upkeep. Learn why this material is so attractive.

  • Alternative Stone Bathroom Countertops
    Alternative Stone

    Before deciding, take a look at other natural surfaces like soapstone, limestone and travertine.

  • Laminate Bathroom Countertops

    This chameleon is a budget-friendly surface that is well-suited to a variety of spaces.

  • Composite Bathroom Countertops

    Take into account the eco-friendly features and durability of this stylish countertop surface.