Beautiful fixtures can be the crown jewels in a remodeled bath. Home in on a look you’ll love with a little research and planning.

plan ahead for bath fixtures

Outfitting a Bathroom

Your search for the perfect faucet, sink or showerhead to complement a renovation should begin with a solid design theme and a prioritized budget. Establish a Vision

Bathroom Fixtures Buying Guides

  • sink buying guide

    Lavatory options are numerous. Basic to artistic, here’s how to sort them out.

  • faucet buying guide

    Weigh these practical and aesthetic considerations when choosing a faucet.

  • bathtub buying guide

    When tub shopping, pay attention to layout, usability and, yes, personalities.

  • toilet buying guide

    Don’t get mired in commode selection. Zero in on best bets with these pointers.

  • ventilation fan buying guide
    Vent Fans

    Bathroom ventilation is essential. Here’s the scoop on airflow needs and options.

  • shower fixtures buying guide
    Shower Fixtures

    Read up on key factors before picking out showerheads, handles and valves.