The bathroom demands flooring that’s big on style and practicality. With a little planning, pick the look you will love and can live with.

bathroom flooring

Bathroom Flooring Worth Adoring

A restful bathroom retreat must be a space you love, one that can withstand splashes, steamy showers and soggy towels. Consider your lifestyle, design style and budget before buying. Establish a Vision

Bathroom Floor Buying Guide

  • ceramic tile

    Consider durability and design when deciding on this classic choice.

  • laminate bathroom flooring

    Get the look of hardwood without the cost, but be wary of the warranty.

  • porcelain tile bathroom flooring
    Porcelain Tile

    Weigh all the options this fashion-forward flooring has to offer.

  • linoleum bathroom flooring

    This retro favorite finds new life with features worth looking into.

  • Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

    It’s low-cost and resilient — here’s the scoop on what you don’t know.

  • Stone bathroom flooring

    The right floor isn’t hard to find if nature drives the design.