Bathroom Countertop Prices

Get info on bathroom countertop prices, and get ready to install a stylish and smartly budgeted bathroom countertop in your bath space.

Different materials and finishes can affect bathroom countertop prices tremendously.

There are a few big ticket items when it comes to bathroom design—tubs, toilets and sinks fall into this category, but so do bathroom countertops—which is why it's important to explore the full range of bathroom countertop prices if you're planning a bathroom remodel or installation.

If you're operating on a budget for your bathroom install or remodel, you'll first want to fully understand the range of materials available for bathroom countertops and their respective pricing tiers. Since bathrooms require less functionality than kitchens, choosing countertops for bath spaces can be driven a bit more by style than substance.

Starting at the top of the pricing scale is granite. This beautiful, incredibly durable stone is easy to clean and highly resistant to damage. It's priced accordingly, and will run you about $75 - $300 per linear foot.

Next up is manufactured quartz, which can imitate the look of various stone types, including granite. It runs about $110 - $250 per linear foot.

Tile can be a great choice for a bathroom countertop, if you're comfortable cleaning the grout lines. It runs about $2 - $75 per tile.

Finally, solid surface materials—which imitate the look of stone—are a great budget option, and highly resistant to mold or mildew. They cost around $75 to $150 per linear foot.

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