Bathroom Sink Materials and Styles

Browse your options for bathroom sink materials and styles, and get ready to choose the right fixture and design for your bath space.

Knowing your options for bathroom sink materials and styles will help you make better bath remodeling decisions.

Bathroom sink materials and styles span a wide range, from simple porcelain to luxurious glass. Choosing the right bathroom sink design for your home is an essential part of any remodeling or updating project, and you'll want to consider as many available options as possible.

There are several basic bathroom sink materials and styles that are popular with homeowners and available in a range of costs, from budget to luxury.

One of the most common and economical bathroom sink styles is the drop-in sink. This style fits into a hole in a vanity cabinet or sink stand, and it can be easily installed or removed. A common material for a drop-in sink is affordable porcelain, but these sinks are available in a wide range of materials, from plastic to metal to glass.

Pedestal sinks are another common style of bathroom sink. These are often constructed of porcelain, though metal or plastic options are also available.

Undermount sinks are slightly higher in price than drop-in sinks, but they have a similar style, with one exception—they sit flush on the surface of the vanity, whereas drop-in sinks fit over the lip of the hole in the vanity. These sinks are also available in a wide range of styles and materials, including porcelain and metal.

Finally, for a high-end option, consider a vessel sink. These "floating" sinks sit on top of a vanity as a bowl or rectangular vessel. They offer a bold and distinctive visual style, and they're available in a wide range of materials, including porcelain, metal and glass.

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