Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Explore information on bathroom vanity mirrors, and get ready to commence the search for the perfect mirror for your bath space.

Bathroom vanity mirrors can be a striking focal point for your bath space.

Bathroom vanity mirrors can be a striking focal point in your bath space. In addition, they give you a great opportunity to express your design personality.

In general, bathroom vanity mirrors will reflect the overall design of the bathroom and vanity they're paired with. However, slight or even radical style departures aren't uncommon when it comes to bathroom vanity mirrors, since the variety of styles, shapes and sizes of mirrors is so large.

There are a few common styles to keep in mind as you browse bathroom vanity mirrors. Depending on your bathroom design plans, you may want to invest in a style that's consistent with the overall design; alternatively, you may want to implement a more adventurous, eclectic design, with a mirror that stands apart from the overall style of the bath space.

Romantic or "old world" bathroom vanity mirrors are quite common. These feature ornate, often gilded frames, which may incorporate carvings of nature scenes or flora and fauna.

Contemporary bathroom vanity mirrors tend to be simpler, more understated affairs, with sleek, angular frames.

Finally, modern bathroom vanity mirrors also feature a minimalist, angular design, reflecting the simple, efficient style of the post-war European mid-century design movement.

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