Bathroom Vanity Sets

Explore your options for bathroom vanity sets, and get ready to install a stylish and efficient vanity in your bath space.

A bathroom vanity set often includes a vanity, sink, cabinets and sometimes even a seating area.

Bathroom vanity sets can add an attractive and efficient element to your bath space, offering both a storage option and a comfortable place to prepare for the day.

Whether you're redesigning an existing bathroom or installing a new one, a bathroom vanity set can be an essential element of the design and a focal point for the entire room. The options for styles, materials and cost are wide and varied, so your first decision will likely pertain to the style of vanity set you'd like to incorporate.

In general, a vanity set is composed of a vanity cabinet and countertop, most often with a sink or double sinks installed. Attached to the vanity or floating above it, there is usually a mirror, often with a recessed cabinet behind it. The vanity set may also feature cabinets, a chair or stool, and other decorative or necessary accessories like soap dishes and dispensers, and trays for storing bath items.

You'll have many styles to choose from, but most homeowners pair their vanity set with the overall design of the bathroom—traditional, contemporary, modern or otherwise. Depending on your style choice, you may be able to find the perfect vanity set at an antique store, an online retailer, or at your local home improvement or furniture store.

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