Concrete Bathroom Countertop Options

Get all the info you'll need on concrete bathroom countertops, and get ready to install a long-lasting and economical countertop in your bath space.

Consider concrete bathroom countertop options when designing your new bath space.

Concrete bathroom countertops are a stylish and economical option that can complement just about any bathroom design.

Concrete is one of the most readily available and economical materials used in bathroom countertop design. It works for just about any bathroom style, but it's particularly popular in modern and contemporary bathrooms, where its sleek, minimalist style has a chance to shine.

Concrete is also one of the more eco-friendly materials used in countertop construction, as it can be made from all-natural materials.

Concrete bathroom countertops can be finished and sealed in many different styles and a wide range of colors, or they can be left raw and more-or-less unfinished for a smooth, matte look.

One thing to remember when choosing your concrete bathroom countertop style is that unfinished concrete can be susceptible to chipping, scratching and cracking. So even if you're considering going with an "unfinished" look, you can explore a range of sealants and finishes that will approximate the look but protect the surface.

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Concrete Bathroom Countertops Concrete Bathroom Countertops (4 photos)

Available in many colors and shapes, concrete surfaces are a versatile and durable bathroom countertop choice.

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