DIY Bathroom Remodel Projects

These minor do-it-yourself bathroom remodels will save you time and money.


Do you really need to hire a professional for every task in your bathroom remodeling plan? That depends on your skill sets, your confidence, your budget and your spare time. If you're savvy with laying tile and less complex installations (a light fixture with existing wiring, for example), you may choose to take on portions of the project yourself.

Otherwise, it's best to go with a pro. "If you screw up the plumbing, you will cause other problems in your house," says Brian Johnson, principal, Collaborative Design Architects, Billings, Mt., adding that you'll spend the money you thought you saved fixing accidents like mold, ceiling destruction and other issues.

If you're thinking of completing some of your bathroom remodel yourself, here are some tasks you might comfortably master solo. Be sure to visit our sister site for more how-to tips.

10 Tips for Repurposing a Bathroom Vanity

Demolition. You can gut the bathroom to prepare a clean canvas for remodeling pros, but before you take a sledgehammer to the space, consult with a construction expert. You want to be sure not to disturb plumbing pipes and electrical wires behind walls—otherwise, you could wind up paying more than you bargained for to fix a demo disaster.

Tilework. If you feel comfortable setting a toilet and cutting tile, you can probably manage this aspect of your project. This is work for the detail-oriented DIYer—tight corners, hard-to-reach spaces and backsplashes all require patience and careful measuring before cutting and laying tile.

Fixture replacement. If you simply want to update the hardware in the bathroom, you can replace an old faucet, shower head and drawer pulls and knobs, Rady says. It's the job of relocating plumbing fixtures and running pipe that's best left to the pros.

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