Formica Bathroom Countertops

Get all the info you'll need on Formica bathroom countertops, and get ready to install an efficient and economical countertop in your bath space.

Formica bathroom countertops and other laminates can look like real stone. Photo Credit: HDR Homes © Oakwood Homes

Formica bathroom countertops are a popular brand of laminate countertops. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and represent one of the most economical choices for bathroom countertops.

The almost universal availability of Formica bathroom countertops, along with their easy customizability and the variety of styles and colors to choose from, make this countertop material an easy choice for many homeowners. In addition, Formica bathroom countertops are considerably cheaper than higher-end materials like granite, manufactured quartz and soapstone.

On the "con" side, durability can be an issue with Formica countertops. They can scratch, dent and chip fairly easily, and if they feature top surfaces that have been glued on, peeling can occur. That said, in general, Formica bathroom countertops are a practical and durable option, particularly for families with high-traffic bathrooms.

Additionally, Formica countertops can mimic the look of higher-end materials like granite, or even wood, simply by applying a veneer to the surface that approximates the natural material at a fraction of the cost.

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