Glass Bathroom Sinks

Browse your options for glass bathroom sinks, and get ready to install a beautiful and stylish sink design in your bath space.

A glass bathroom sink is a stylish, contemporary design option for your bath space.

Glass bathroom sinks are a stylish and contemporary option for your bath space. They also offer the efficiency of easy cleaning—you can use simple glass cleaners to wipe them clean.

Glass bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. One of the most popular glass bathroom sink designs is the vessel sink. These bowl shaped or rectangular sinks sit atop a sink console or countertop, and they are generally detached from a wall-mounted or otherwise separate faucet fixture. Their striking, standalone design is often employed in modern or contemporary bathroom designs.

Glass bathroom sinks are generally in the mid-range in terms of pricing, depending on their size and the quality and strength of the glass.

If you're considering a glass bathroom sink, pay particular attention to the quality and durability of the glass—in particular, ask questions about scratching and cracking. While glass is a bold and attractive option for many bathrooms, you don't want to invest in an inferior glass grade only to have it chip, crack or scratch easily.

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