Granite Vanity Tops

Explore your options for granite vanity tops, and get ready to add a stylish and extremely durable vanity countertop to your bath space.

A granite bathroom vanity countertop adds a sense of class and charm to your bath space.

Granite is widely considered the best choice among vanity top materials because of its attractiveness and durability. If you're considering granite vanity countertops, you'll want to browse a host of options and investigate their pricing, quality and maintenance requirements.

Granite is incredibly durable and presents a high-quality, natural surface that's easy to clean. Because of these advantages over other materials, granite is generally the most expensive option for bathroom vanity tops. There are many types of granite to explore, however, at various price levels. Additionally, granite is available in an almost infinite number of styles and colors, from matte to glossy, solid to flecked or speckled—so you'll have plenty of choices to match the style of your bathroom.

In terms of pricing, you can expect to spend $50 - $60 per square foot for materials and installation for basic granite vanity tops. This type of granite will not be of the highest quality—it may not be as durable than higher-quality granite, and it may be susceptible to scratching or chipping. It will still have a beautiful appearance at a budget price, however.

For better granite, you can expect to pay $60 - $70 per square foot. This granite type will be slightly more durable, and it will be more resistant to scratching and chipping.

Finally, on the high end of the scale, you can expect to pay around $70 - $100 per square foot for granite vanity tops that are just about guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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