Mirrored Bathroom Vanities

Explore your options for mirrored bathroom vanities, and get ready to add a classic and elegant vanity to your bath space.

A mirrored bathroom vanity can add style and efficiency to your bath space.

Mirrored bathroom vanities can add serious style to your bath space, and they provide an efficient area for all your daily grooming and preparation needs.

You'll find plenty of variety when searching for a mirrored bathroom vanity, including types that are available as separate sets—a detached mirror and vanity cabinet—and sets that come fully assembled, with an attached mirror. The type you choose will likely depend on how closely you want to follow the overall design of your bathroom, as well as whether or not hanging a large mirror from the wall—which may be required for a detached set—is in the cards. Alternatively, for a separate set, the mirror can be safely leaned against the wall or placed in a holder on the vanity cabinet surface.

In terms of styles, mirrored bathroom vanities run the gamut from traditional, historical styles like Colonial and Victorian, to sleeker designs in contemporary or modern styles. You'll likely choose which style is right for your bathroom based on whether you want to match the exact design or depart slightly, perhaps with a more eclectic or unique mirrored bathroom vanity.

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