Modern Bathroom Vanities

Get all the info you'll need on modern bathroom vanities, and get ready to install a sleek, stylish and efficient vanity in your bath space.

Modern bathroom vanities can give your bath space a sleek and efficient design.

Modern bathroom vanities can add a sleek, efficient and minimalist design element to your bath space. In general, modern vanities feature a minimalist design sporting clean lines and elegantly understated hardware.

Contrasting with their more traditional counterparts, which may reflect a more romantic or historical style, modern bathroom vanities are usually inspired by the midcentury modern design movement. Starting in the Nordic countries of Europe and spreading worldwide, midcentury modern design is characterized by a sleek and efficient approach, and modern bathroom vanities tend to reflect this style.

Modern bathroom vanities can be a particularly good choice for bathrooms where space is at a premium. The minimalist approach and clean, simple lines of modern bathroom vanities can often offer space saving efficiency, with some modern bathroom vanities even incorporating a "floating" design for sink countertops, so that the entire sink fixture takes up very little space. This approach is a great example of modern bathroom vanity design combining attractive form with efficient function.

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