Rustic Bathroom Lighting

Get all the information you'll need on rustic bathroom lighting, and get ready to install comfortable and welcoming lighting in your bath space.

Knowing your options for rustic bathroom lighting will help you make better decisions on your bath remodeling project.

Rustic bathroom lighting can be a perfect complement to a country-style bathroom, and it can help bring elements of the outside into your bath space.

Rough-hewn and more traditional materials—like oil-rubbed bronze—can be a great choice for rustic bathroom lighting fixtures. The classic, antique feel of a sconce in distressed solid brass or oil-rubbed bronze can hint at decades of use and exposure to the elements, a common theme in rustic design.

The lighting itself is generally somewhat muted in rustic bath spaces, focusing on as much natural light as possible from windows or skylights. Faux candle bulbs in sconces or track lighting can be a great option to continue the rustic theme. Pendant lamps in a lantern style could also be a great choice, again in materials with a bit of weather and wear to them.

When considering bulb strength, err on the side of warmth and glow as opposed to overwhelming brightness. This will add to the cozy, comfortable and welcoming feel of a rustic bathroom.

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