Single-Sink Bathroom Vanities

Explore your options for single-sink bathroom vanities, and get ready to install an efficient and attractive vanity in your bath space.

In smaller bathrooms, a single-sink bathroom vanity can be a perfect fit.

Single-sink bathroom vanities can be an excellent option if you're installing a vanity in a small bathroom, a guest bathroom, or one that's mainly used by one person. They're available in a wide range of both sink and vanity designs, so matching the style of your bath space should be fairly simple.

In general, a bathroom vanity is defined as the combination of a mirror or mirrors, one or more sinks, a countertop, and usually some form of storage for accessories, linens or other bathroom necessities.

When choosing a single-sink bathroom vanity, you'll first want to decide if it's going to match the style of the bathroom or if it will be a slight (or even drastic) style departure. Contrasting styles—especially when it comes to bathroom vanities that can be a focal point or "showpiece" of a bathroom—can be a great option, particularly if your bathroom features an eclectic design. If so, consider pairing a vintage vanity cabinet and stylish drop-in sink with a contemporary bathroom scheme, for example. A bathroom vanity is a great way to add some style to the bath space without having to adhere strictly to an overall design scheme.

If you are in the market for a more traditional single-sink bathroom vanity look, antique stores, flea markets and vintage online retailers are a great place to look for the perfect vanity, mirror or countertop. Alternatively, if your style leans more modern, most home improvement stores will have single-sink bathroom vanity options in a sleeker design.

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