Solid-Surface Bathroom Countertop Options

Get all the info you'll need on solid-surface bathroom countertops, and get ready to install an economical and attractive countertop in your bath space.

Knowing your options for solid-surface bathroom countertops will help you make better decisions on your bath remodel.

Solid-surface bathroom countertops can be an efficient, attractive and economical choice for your bath space. They're extremely easy to clean and maintain, and they can be molded to fit just about any bathroom design.

Many solid-surface bathroom countertops approximate the look of natural materials like granite or stone, but at a fraction of the price—which is why solid-surface is one of the most popular bathroom materials around. Additionally, solid-surface countertops are highly resistant to mold or mildew, as the nonporous, hypoallergenic surface virtually eliminates the growth medium of these organisms.

When it comes to maintenance, solid-surface countertops are extremely simple—spraying on bathroom cleaner and wiping clean with a towel will normally do the trick, and the surface is highly resistant to staining, cracking and chipping, as well.

Perhaps best of all, solid-surface bathroom countertops are extremely affordable versus other options. In general, solid-surface will cost around $75 to $150 per linear foot.

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