Types of Bathrooms

Explore the different types of bathrooms, and begin your bathroom redesign or installation with all the info you'll need.

Understanding the different types of bathrooms will help you make better decisions on your bath remodeling project.

Whether you're planning to install a brand-new bathroom or update an existing one, you'll first want to be versed in the different types of bathrooms. In general, you'll have three types to choose from—master, guest and half—but the choices for how you configure and design these are just about infinite.

The master bathroom in a home is generally connected to a master bedroom suite. Master bathrooms are often located within or directly adjacent to the master bedroom, and they often mirror—either subtly or directly—the style of the master bedroom. There's no requirement to match styles when it comes to a master bathroom and master bedroom, but a radical departure (especially if the master bathroom is housed within the master bedroom) can be a bit jarring. Other design considerations for master bathrooms include combining efficiency with beauty and comfort. Master bathrooms are often elegantly designed, but they must also accommodate the occupants of the master bedroom and all their accessories, so layout should be planned accordingly.

Guest bathrooms can be located directly in or adjacent to a guest suite in the home, or they may be "free standing" and located in a hallway. In the case of a free-standing guest bathroom, style is often an opportunity to experiment with creative and eclectic approaches and add a bit of personality. However, since guest bathrooms are often used by multiple family members as well as guests, efficient use of space is often a paramount concern.

Half bathrooms are also often fertile spaces for creative use of colors and textures. However, because of their smaller stature, you may also want to keep efficiency top of mind when considering storage options, fixtures—as well as furniture such as cabinets and sinks.

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