Wood Bathroom Vanities

Explore your options for wood bathroom vanities, and get ready to add a classic and elegant vanity to your bath space.

A wood bathroom vanity adds warmth and functionality to your bath space.

Wood bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, and they can add an attractive and efficient element to your bathroom design.

If you're considering adding a wood bathroom vanity to your bath space, you'll first want to decide if you want to match the overall design of the bathroom exactly or if a slight style departure is in the cards. If you're looking for an exact match, wood bathroom vanities are available for just about any bathroom design style—from Colonial to Victorian to midcentury modern. Online or brick-and-mortar antique dealers are a good place to start if you're looking for an authentic antique or vintage vanity, whereas you can probably find a replica in just about any style at the local home improvement or furniture store.

Many varieties of wood are used for bathroom vanities, from cherry and oak for a range of design styles to pine for a more rustic vanity style. Mahogany, ebony and other more exotic woods are not uncommon, but they're pricier than more commonly available woods.

In terms of stains, finishes and paints, you'll have a wide range of choices for your wood bathroom vanity. Depending on the overall style of your bathroom and your desire to match or depart from it, you may want to consider a bold, bright paint color or stain, or you may choose an unfinished, raw-wood look for your vanity if a more country or rustic style suits your taste.

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