DIY Network Blog Cabin 2012
Blog Cabin 2012 Location

Learn more about this quintessential New England homestead. Watch the Location Announcement Video

Lessons Learned From the Remodel
DIY Network construction crew

Get advice and tips for your own home improvement projects. Start Planning

(Re)Building by the Bay
Chesapeake Bay Virginia

Know the challenges of renovating property on the waterfront. Consider 7 Factors

Remodeling Ideas Inspired by DIY Network Blog Cabin

  • Blog Cabin kitchen renovation
    Kitchen Overhaul

    Remodeling this important space? Find inspiration from the Blog Cabin kitchen.

  • Blog Cabin master bathroom remodel
    Bathroom Makeover

    The crew transformed the home’s existing bathrooms and added a new one.

  • Blog Cabin Window Benches
    Unique Ideas

    See creative and eco-friendly ways to add personality to home improvement projects.