Deck Services Can Help Builders Clean Up

Adding finishing and maintenance services to your menu can mean a new revenue stream.

If you're a deck builder looking for new revenue opportunities, the answer may be right at your feet. That new wood deck you're standing on needs to be finished and sealed immediately to provide the best protection from damage by sun and moisture.

And this is a job that will need to be repeated regularly over the finished project's life span. Deck pros who aren't offering finishing and maintenance services along with their building business are missing out on both added income and the chance to boost client relationships.

Finishing and maintenance services are relatively easy to sell. Most clients already recognize that sealing their new decks against the elements is essential to protecting this significant investment. At the same time, because this is primarily recreational space, they want to begin enjoying it as soon as possible.

Despite the possibility for new and ongoing income, adding deck-treating services can pose some challenges for those new to the field. Builders need to train themselves or make sure the workers they hire know what they're doing, or their reputations could become as stained as an untreated deck after a birthday party for a 6-year-old.

The biggest potential investment for deck contractors exploring this line of work is the purchase of a professional-quality power washer. And it's crucial for contractors to be trained on this equipment because incorrect use can damage the deck and cause injuries.

Once builders have made the needed investments in equipment and education, the result can be a new revenue stream, providing added income outside the traditional deck-building season.

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