Getting in on Spring Home-Improvement Fever

Check out these 6 tips for positioning your company as the go-to guys.

Whether you live in icy Maine or balmy Alabama, you can tell when spring fever hits. Attitudes change. People spend more time outside. But as a contractor, you may find that the surest sign of spring is an increase in the number of phone calls you receive. Potential customers who had once wanted to put off home improvements are suddenly eager to get the job done.

How do you capitalize on spring home-improvement fever? Get your name into the marketplace during this important time of year. Don’t just advertise your services in local newspapers—maximize exposure of your company in your community. Position your business as the experts in spring home-improvement investments. How do you do that? Consider these easy tips:

  • Send out press releases to your local newspapers with ideas on how homeowners can add more value to their home with your product. Explain energy-efficiency features. Talk about curb appeal. Spell out the importance of investing in home upgrades as a way of assuring the resale value of a home.
  • Turn your press releases into radio interviews. Call the program directors at your local news-radio stations. Offer to come on one of their shows as a guest home-improvement expert. Suggest they take call-ins from listeners so you can offer advice and solutions.
  • Don't forget about television. Now that you have your message organized, contact the news-assignment editors at your local television stations. Offer to walk their viewers through a project you have going on. Tell them you'll show viewers how to determine when it’s time to consider, say, replacing their windows and what to look for in new windows. With cutaways and displays, you can do either an in-studio interview or a job-site remote interview.
  • Sign up to give speeches to local community groups on spring home-improvement projects. You'll be amazed how many groups look for speakers. Try contacting all the service organizations in your area (such as Elks and Kiwanis clubs), along with women’s groups, church clubs and school groups. Any time you can make a presentation, jump at the chance.
  • Find a friend and double up your efforts. Ideally, identify a local real estate agent who can support you in all your public relations efforts by saying that your product really does add value to a home. Suggest that the agent share the spotlight with you in your presentations in exchange for gaining contact information on resale homes. The person he sells to today may need to have his windows replaced tomorrow.
  • Participate in local home shows. These time-honored events usually happen every spring in hundreds of cities nationwide. Don't be left out. You can order sales aids and displays from suppliers and create a game plan for maximizing your participation in the show. Consider a raffle drawing in your booth to gather potential client names. Offer interviews to sponsoring radio and TV stations. Show your brag book of projects.

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