You can’t just tack on a new room to your existing house and call it an addition. HGTVRemodels’ Addition Planning Guide offers tips and advice for adding square footage to your home, from designing a new space to hiring the right contractors.

home addition

Why an Addition Is Really a Remodel

What do you do when your house is undersized or lacks vital amenities like a master bathroom, family room or spacious kitchen? Consider Your Options

Section 1: Why an Addition Is Really a Remodel

great room addition

Whether you’re feeling cramped or want more room for a hobby, an addition isn’t the only answer. Consider alternatives to undergoing a major renovation and ask yourself if an addition is right for you.

Section 2: Ways to Build Your Addition

ways to build a home addition

Additions can be built in any direction and come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the purpose of your particular project and design an addition that works for you.

Section 3: Materials and Building Components

choosing materials for a home addition

A successful addition is one that looks like it is part of the original structure. Get expert tips for extending the roof and foundation, choosing finishes and integrating your home’s operational systems.

Section 4: Getting the Project Done

hiring a construction crew for a home remodel

An addition is a major undertaking that involves many different tradespeople, specializing in everything from roofs to foundations. Create and manage a winning team to complete your project.