A smart home doesn't look like The Jetsons' residence or the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. It looks like your home, filled with cool tech upgrades — from the kitchen to the media room to the security system — that truly simplify your life.

More Time to Relax

Your integrated home can play music room-by-room, turn on your lights for you and start the oven, with the touch of a button on your phone or tablet. Home Control, Your Way

Tech Gets Sexy

Integrated Homes: Best and Newest

Section 1: Get Started

bedroom with tablet on bedside table

Integration should make life easier. Start by thinking of your home as a network and the hub of your daily routine.

Section 2: Plan for Comfort and Convenience

stainless steel double ovens

Once you've determined your goals, select smart products that will allow you to live more comfortably.

Section 3: Make Your Home Safer

front door with keyless door lock

Consider details that will help safegaurd your family. There are a variety of options available, from locks to monitors.

Section 4: Outfit for Entertainment

media room design with a television and pool table

Get tips for designing a media center complete with surround sound, HD screens, and seamless audio-video streaming.

Section 6: Execute the Project

home professional working with wires

From simple wireless upgrades to more complex retrofitting, find out who you'll need to make it happen.