Looking to create a cinematic experience in your home? HGTVRemodels’ Home Theater Planning Guide will walk you through the basics, including how to set goals, find inspiration and design ideas, and choose the right audio and visual equipment, wiring and furnishings.

home theater tips

Popcorn? Check. Annoying crowds? History.

Why deal with the lines and crowds when you can enjoy a theater experience in your own home? Learn what it takes to create a home theater and see if it’s right for you. Understand the Basics

Section 1: Planning a Home Theater

home theater tips

Consider room location and size, whether you are retrofitting a room or building a home theater addition. Decide on a layout, create a wish list, and diagram the room with equipment and features.

Section 2: Choosing Audio & Visual Equipment

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Armed with your design plan, visit home technology and home theater showrooms to get a feel for what’s available and compare prices.

Section 3: Creating a Theater Experience

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Comfy recliners, soundproof walls, adjustable lighting and a concession stand are among the important features that give the room a true theater feel.

Section 4: Getting the Project Done

hiring a home theater contractor

The key to a successful home theater project is working with professionals who can execute your design, suggest materials and complete your remodel.