Bedroom Carpet Ideas

The right carpet will add warmth to your bedroom for years.

Attractive bedroom carpet ideas can add both comfort and insulation to your sleeping space.

For warmth in a bedroom combined with the sound absorption needed for a good night's sleep, it's difficult to beat carpet. Carpet is also an economical choice for flooring if you're on a budget with your remodel. You have a wide range of colors and materials from which to choose. You can choose wall-to-wall installation, or purchase a carpet in a specific size with bound edges.

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Carpets are generally manufactured in one of two ways. Tufted carpets, a less expensive option, are made with rows of tufted, machine-punched yarns that are attached to a backing. Carpets woven on a loom are more expensive but generally will last longer. A carpet's durability, or how well it stands up to daily wear, depends on its fiber type, twist and density.

A carpet's fiber type is the foundation of its durability. If your budget allows for it, a natural wool fiber or silk and wool blend is a great choice for durability as well as beauty. If your decorating budget is limited, some of today's synthetic fibers are designed to mimic the look and feel of wool. Ask your carpet dealer for the latest options in synthetic and blended fibers.

Twist level indicates the number of twists given to each carpet pile. The tighter the twist, the less dense the carpet needs to be to maintain durability. Fiber lengths vary, from a short frieze to a long shag.

Density refers to the number of pile tufts per square inch in a carpet. The higher the number, the greater the density—and the more durable the carpet. Also, a higher the density generally indicates a higher price. When choosing your carpet's density, ask yourself how much foot traffic the carpet will receive on a daily basis to get an idea of the amount of wear it will receive.

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, know that carpet will need to be vacuumed and cleaned often to prevent outbreaks. Carpet harbors dust mites and dirt, and synthetic fibers often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can cause an adverse reaction in some people. If chemicals are a concern, ask your carpet dealer which brands are chemical-free.If you want the warmth and sound absorption of carpet but with some flexibility, consider adhesive carpet squares. Easy to install and remove, carpet squares are a favorite in children's bedrooms. The squares can be laid in a solid color or pattern, and damaged ones can simply be removed and replaced.

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