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We polled HGTV fans to find out what goes on in the bedroom, from how often they change the sheets to what their favorite color scheme is. How do your answers match up?


Survey Says ...

We surveyed 2,543 adult home enthusiasts between the ages of 18 and 64 on the Scripps Networks Interactive consumer panel, Under One Roof. Sixty percent of the sample was female and 40% was male.

We asked them 12 questions about their bedroom habits and distilled our favorites into a questionnaire. Here's how it all played out.

Playing It Safe With Bedroom Colors

We started with a big question: What's your bedroom color palette? Forty-five per cent said they played it safe and went neutral, while only 7% went bold. The others split almost evenly between warm and cool palettes.

What’s on the Walls?

When adorning the vertical surfaces of their sleep space, most of our fans prefer family photos (33%). But mirrors (29%) and art purchased from a retailer (27%) ran close behind. The smallest percentage (6%) went to 3-D wall art often made of wood or metal.

20% Have Upcycled Furniture

Original_Halligan-Norris-chevron-dresser Enlarge Photo Josh Goleman

One-fifth of the people we polled have repurposed furniture for the bedroom. When we asked about the benefits, you told us that upcycled furniture gives you a sense of responsibility and allows your family to reuse meaningful items.

What's Your Decorating Style?

For flooring, you are evenly split between carpet and hardwood. And for bedroom sets? A whopping sixty-four per cent prefer the furniture to match.

When lighting the space, you like lots of natural light (70%) and 65% welcome tech, like phones and tablets in their sleep space.

Honestly, How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?

The majority of our fans changed their sheets every couple of weeks, though a third change them every week without fail. When we informally polled our staff on this question, one superstar changed them twice a week. The rest of us were slackers, choosing every 2-4 weeks as our comfort zone.

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