Closet Door Hardware: Knobs, Pulls and Hinges

Up your design quotient with new handles for your closet doors.

Upgrade your closet door hardware with new hinges plus handles, knobs or pulls. Photo courtesy California Closets

Changing closet door hardware can tie the closet doors into the decor of the room, turning an often bland part of your space into an eye-catching design element. Pick an accent color from the room and your hardware can turn a quick trip to a hardware store into an instant makeover.

Closet Doors: Beautiful Options and Ideas for Your Home

Before you make a change, review the existing the knobs, pulls and hinges. Evaluate the other hardware in the room, including other doors, window pulls, light switch covers and hooks. Consider whether you'll replace the all the hardware at the same time or whether you'll simply match the new hardware to the existing.

Ornate hardware can be difficult to clean but is beautiful – and probably better suited to a guest bedroom, which is used less often. The hardware in a child's room should be easy to use and clean.

Take a few samples of the original hardware with you to the store to make sure you get the correct screw sizes. Measure the spaces between screw hole, as well, so that you don't end up with over- or under-sized hardware.

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