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Follow top designers' tips and tricks for selecting the perfect color palette for your kid's room. Plus, their favorite color combinations for boys', girls' and gender-neutral rooms.

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Picking a color scheme for a kid's room can be a lot of fun since spaces for little ones allow for more creative freedom. Whether your children are playful and energetic, calm and sweet or a mixture of the two, explore their personalities to discover the right color scheme for their rooms.

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Include Your Child

If your child is old enough to have an opinion, make sure to include him in the design process. Designer Liz Carroll of Liz Carroll Interiors finds that children as young as two have an opinion, so ask your child what favorite color he wants to incorporate into the room.

For nurseries, focus more on the feeling you want to have in the room since you'll be spending hours upon hours in the space. Designer Sherri Blum of Jack and Jill Interiors says the room should reflect your taste since baby only requires a safe, warm environment. The space needs to feel special for both parents and child.

Think About the Future

Kids grow up quickly and their tastes change even quicker, so Carroll suggests to select a scheme that has some longevity to it, "Kids grow up so fast and nurseries become big boy or girl rooms before you know it. It's nice to have a color scheme that will transition with your child so they can grow into the room, rather than having to redo it after a few years."

Designer Joanna Gick of J&J Design Group also suggests sticking with more sophisticated colors. Her solution: paint three walls a neutral shade and have one focal wall that brings in the fun color choice. The bonus with this option is when you or your child is ready for a change, you only have to redo one wall.

Consider the Rest of the House

Not only does the color scheme for your child's room need to fit their personality, but it also needs to work with the style of your home. Designer Laura McCroskey of McCroskey Interiors says to ask yourself, "Does it flow with the style of my home?" For example, if your home is traditional and your girl wants a pink room, choose a more muted hue of pink rather than a contemporary, brightly saturated shade.

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