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Six easy-to-follow design tips will help you carve out a comfortable place for parents, grown kids or anyone coming for an extended stay.

Original_Jill-Sorensen-green-white-bedroom In this handsome chartreuse bedroom by Los Angeles-based designer Jill Sorensen, a mini Parsons desk does double-duty as a super functional nightstand.

Modern Families

The definition of the modern family is dynamic: It continues to change, grow, expand, and influence not only the ways we live, but the places. As a result, our homes are no longer meant to support a single family for the years before the children leave for college. Instead, they've become multigenerational sanctuaries, opening their doors to grandparents or exploring more budget-friendly living arrangements for kids.

So, homeowners have had to get creative — carving out spaces that can accommodate new (and repeat!) inhabitants not only at the drop of a hat, but often for extended stays. These bedrooms have to be not only comfortable but functional, often incorporating universal design elements, plenty of storage, and separate sitting areas and work stations in order to meet the needs of long-term guests. Here are some tips to ensure they'll love your home as much as you do.

Invest in Comfort

A lumpy bed and scratchy sheets might be fine for a fly-by-nighter, but when your guest room takes up permanent residency, an upgrade is definitely in order. At a minimum, spring for 250-thread-count sheets: not only are they softer and cozier but they’re also more durable, which means they’ll hold up to frequent washings much better than their lower-thread-count counterparts and require less replacements down the line.

Create an Escape

It can take a little bit of time for new guests to feel confident enough to treat your home as their own, so designate an area in their bedroom for them to retreat to until they feel more comfortable using the common areas. According to Atlanta-based interior designer James Wheeler, "Often visitors do not want to burden their hosts or feel like they're intruding on their space, so be sure to design your guest room as a place where your guests can go to escape from it all. Elements like a separate reading nook and television in the room can help ease the transition."

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