Designer Tips for Hanging Storage

This type of mudroom storage gives you quick retrieval of coats and bags as you head out the door.


When you want easy access to items, hanging storage is the way to go.

"Hanging storage is a good idea because of the way people use mudrooms," says Joanne Sanders, a designer for Easy Closets. "They need the convenience — you want to grab that jacket or keys and head out the door."

Why We Love Hooks

"I love hooks for quick retrieval in a mudroom and for a quick way to hang something like a hoodie," says professional organizer Jill Yesko, CPO of Discover Organizing. "It's much quicker than a hanger."

For her own home, Yesko has labeled every hook with the first initial of each family member. This encourages accountability and each person knows where to find their coat or bag. Yesko says she always uses double hooks (these feature a latch on the bottom with a hook on top) and likes placing bar hooks at a higher and lower height, spaced about three feet apart, to offer easy hanging storage for both adults and kids.

"Hooks are especially good for one or two items, not storing a large group of items," says Sanders. "You don't want to pile a bunch of coats on one hook and have to dig to find the one you need."

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Pegs: An Alternative Hanging Solution

Pegs are a straightforward storage solution for a variety of items.

"I'm not a big fan of pegs unless they're the kind with a sharp angle upward," says Yesko. "When you use the kind that are straight out, things can fall off pretty easily."

Use pegs to store light bags, scarves or baseball caps, or add a peg rack under a shelf or a window to utilize available wall space.

An alternative to hooks and pegs and often utilized in a garage, slat walls in different colors and configurations can also be used in a mudroom.

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