Designing the Right Closet Layout

Consider these key questions to guide you through the important details in your closet project


Once you have thought about the big issues, your budget, what you need to store and the space you have to work with, think about the details and what you hope to achieve. Here are a few of the key questions to consider when designing the right closet layout.

Do you want a hamper for dry cleaning and laundry in your closet?

A pull-out hamper with a removable liner allows you to travel to and from the laundry room with ease and keeps dirty clothes in one location. If you have the space, include a hamper for whites and another for dark and colored clothes.

Do you want a place to sit in your closet?

A chair is convenient for putting on shoes and window seating allows you to use closet space that would not be suitable for hanging storage.

Do you need storage for lots of small items?

You can designate a bowl or bin on a closet shelf for mints, receipts, keys, loose change and other items you often accumulate in your pockets, so they don't end up lost in laundry or dry cleaning.

Do you or your family have allergies?

Keep dust collectors like books in plastic containers with lids, rarely worn clothes in plastic garment bags and purses in protective bags.

Do you have limited mobility?

Easy-access, low drawers with finger pulls and touch latches or drawer glides that are self-closing are good choices for closet owners with mobility issues. Pull-out shelves for shoes and pull-down clothing rods are two other options to consider.

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Consider these key questions to guide you through the important details in your closet project.

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