Grey Master Bedrooms Ideas

Soothing grey is a good choice for the master bedroom, with a wide range of shades from which to choose.

Consider grey master bedroom ideas for a soothing space.

Grey is soothing and cool, a good choice to turn your master bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary. You have many shades to choose from, ranging from the palest grey-white to deep slate.

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Grey lends itself to contemporary furnishings, but it can also look beautiful in a room decorated in an eclectic style. For instance, mixing traditional pieces with lamps in brushed metals is a look you can carry into your master bath.

Pale grey is a good alternative to white, if you want a look that is more muted and soft. This shade will also work well as a backdrop to any accent colors you want to bring into your bedroom's decor. You can also layer pale grey with deeper shades of grey for a rich look. You can even go shabby chic with grey if you like.

For a look that is both cool and elegant, pair grey with white, creating a neutral palette that will allow you to choose—and easily change—accessories in your favorite accent colors.

For a variation of grey that has a little warmth to it, try taupe. For even greater warmth, taupe can be layered with rich browns.

For a touch of rich color, combine grey with navy or a deep red such as crimson or burgundy. For a look that is both classy and soothing, pair your favorite shade of grey with a soft lavender tint.

For the ultimate in contemporary sophistication, coat your walls in slate and splashes of white, red and black. If red and black are too intense for your tastes, try touches of orange and teal or turquoise. For an even softer look, try touches of moss green or pale pink or peach. Grey with touches of yellow in trim, pillows and other accessories can create a look that is soothing and sunny.

For a masculine look, go with grey walls and furnish with dark furniture pieces with clean, modern or contemporary lines.

If you're concerned about grey looking too drab on your walls, choose a soft blue-grey. This shade looks great with either contemporary or traditional furnishings, and it looks particularly elegant with silver accessories or even a crystal chandelier. You can choose a blue-grey in the shade or intensity that works for you. Blue-grey looks great paired with a warm color such as taupe or brown. A blend of two blue-grey shades, warmed with a dark wood floor and furniture, creates a look that is soothing without being too monochromatic.

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