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Get all the info you'll need on home theater furniture and accessories, and get ready to design a comfortable and stylish entertainment space in your home.

Quality home theater furniture and accessories can help complete a home theater.

If you're considering installing a home theater or redesigning an existing one, one of the first steps will be to browse the various options for home theater furniture and accessories. From elaborate stadium seating and cinema-style curtains to in-room popcorn machines, the options are just about infinite and can add style, comfort and personality to your home theater design.

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One of the primary considerations for any home theater design is seating. As is often the case with traditional cinema seating, the seating in a home theater can make or break a guest's viewing experience. And while home theater "managers" will likely have less to worry about in terms of sticky floors, a home theater's seating, comfort and ambience are just as important to the domestic experience.

First on the list for most home theater designs is seating furniture. Guests are likely to be in one place for quite some time (especially if a Director's Cut or marathon epic trilogy is on the marquee), so seating needs to be both plentiful and comfortable. Homeowners searching for home theater seating will find a wide range of pricing tiers and options, from standard armchair-style loungers to elaborate, cinema-row-like bench seating. At the high end, you'll find seating features like sturdy construction and premium fabric or leather upholstery, as well as ancillary features like cup holders or trays. But there are less feature-rich options for budget-conscious home theater designers—an array of standard armchairs is an option, and for smaller spaces, couch seating can be a viable option as well.

When your home theater's seating scheme has been sorted out, you'll want to turn your attention to the room's accessories. There are many options in this category as well, from lavish to understated, theater-thematic to theme-neutral. If you're looking to create a home theater that reminds guests of a traditional cinema, for example, many companies offer custom home theater curtain designs, so that you can unveil your screen in style (and, for a more practical application, keep dust off it when it's not in use).

In addition to decorative touches like curtains, there are accessories for your home theater that can enhance the viewing experience, making it more intense and immersive for guests. Several companies offer under-seat devices that can shake during moments when the sound system's subwoofer is activated, providing guests with a truly moving experience.

Finally, you may want to consider home theater accessories that add to the cinema-like experience for guests, like a popcorn machine or candy station—guests will be well-fed, and you'll surely be able to count on repeat visits.

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