Homework Haven

Learn how to create a designated homework zone that will keep your kids on task.


Does your kitchen look more like a classroom when five o'clock strikes? If the answer is yes, there's no doubt that algebra isn't the only problem on your kitchen table. In this episode of Smart, Simple, Solved, I'll show you how to keep your kid nearby but his homework out of the way. No more text books tossed in the way of table settings or crayons cozying up to the carrots. You can easily reclaim your kitchen table by creating a convenient, all-inclusive homework hub off to the side.

10 Ideas for a Smarter Homework Station

Start with innovative ways to set up a tabletop in a public space. Then get a leg up on desk space by installing an adjustable arm to hold a tablet. I'll give you tips on turning cups into supply holders and tricks to create a homework board with pockets to keep papers in place and distractions at bay. It's also a good idea to provide comfortable seating for writing those persuasive essays. A homework hub this genius gives you plenty of room for salad, while your kids study for tomorrow's spelling quiz.

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10 Ideas for a Smarter Homework Station

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