Laundry Room Baskets

Add beauty and function to your laundry room with a range of basket choices.

Laundry room baskets help keep accessories organized.

Laundry room baskets. The words no doubt conjure images of white plastic mesh bins. But you can move beyond that typical idea and find baskets that will add a decorative element as well as function to your laundry room.

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Depending on the size of your household, a single basket may suit your needs—or you may need several. Think about your family's habits and traffic flow. Does it make sense to include a hamper in the laundry room itself? If your family members come through the door and immediately begin stripping off dirty sports jerseys and sweaty socks, you will need a basket to hold them. You'll also want to sort between white garments, bright colors and dry-cleaning pieces, to eliminate having to sort them yourself.

If you have room for a basket center, you can have a labeled basket for each family member. The baskets can be placed on or under a shelf, or they can be part of a built-in cabinet with a countertop for folding. After a load of clothes or bed linens is cleaned and dried, each basket's owner can be responsible for taking the full basket, putting away the laundry and putting the basket back in place. Even young children can carry small loads to their rooms, keeping the chore from piling up on one person.

In addition to standard laundry storage containers, you can find attractive baskets to hold laundry soap, fabric softener, stain remover, and other cleaning supplies. If your laundry room is also used to store garden tools or sports equipment, you'll want baskets to hold those items too.

You can choose from a wide range of styles for your baskets in order to complement your room's decor. For a simple, streamlined look, choose wire mesh baskets that allow you to see the contents inside. These baskets can be part of a pull-out "drawer" shelving system that will make grabbing the items you need easy.

For items you don't want visible, choose a metal washtub-style basket (round or square). As an added bonus for creative types, you can paint these containers in solid colors or with a unique design or scene.

You can also choose a pretty straw or wicker basket that is woven tightly or lined. These pretty baskets can be hung on the wall when not in use so as to add a decorative element. If you have framed artwork in your laundry room, you can choose baskets in colors that match or coordinate with the frames, or you can paint the frames and baskets yourself.

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