Questionnaire: Prioritize Your Garage Needs

Before you begin your garage makeover, decide exactly how you want the space to look and function.

So you’ve decided to remodel your garage and build a new one. The big question is, where do you start? Before you get into the planning particulars, it can help to think through exactly how you plan to use the space as well as other considerations. Use this questionnaire to help you develop a clear picture of how you want your garage to take shape.

How do you envision yourself using the space? Check all that apply.

  1. __ Car parking/maintenance
  2. __ Household storage
  3. __ Workshop
  4. __ Kids’ play area
  5. __ Man cave
  6. __ Gardening and potting
  7. __ Laundry
  8. __ Gym/fitness
  9. __ Office
  10. __ Guest suite
  11. __ Craft/hobby space
  12. __ Entertaining
  13. __ Private retreat
  14. __ Other:

Do you want the space to be decorative, functional or both?

If you’ll be parking cars, how many?

Will you need an additional bay for work or hobbies?

If you need storage, what do you plan to store?

  1. __ Household goods (e.g. cleaning supplies)
  2. __ Bulk purchases from warehouse stores
  3. __ Tools
  4. __ Lawn and garden equipment
  5. __ Sports and fitness equipment
  6. __ Holiday decorations
  7. __ Kids’ toys and gear
  8. __ Other:

What systems and specialized equipment will you need? Check any that you plan to add.

  1. __ Electrical outlets
  2. __ Electrical wiring
  3. __ Plumbing
  4. __ Air compressor
  5. __ Climate control
  6. __ Smart technology
  7. __ Insulation
  8. __ Cabinetry
  9. __ Shelving
  10. __ Workbench
  11. __ Ventilation system
  12. __ Other:

Will you want to add doors or windows? If so, how many?

Will you be doing any or all of the work yourself?

If you’ll be hiring professionals, what types will you need? Check all that apply.

  1. __ General contractor
  2. __ Architect or residential designer
  3. __ Electrician
  4. __ Plumber
  5. __ Drywall contractor
  6. __ Carpenter
  7. __ Concrete and stone contractor
  8. __ Flooring professional
  9. __ Painter
  10. __ Roofing contractor
  11. __ Interior designer
  12. __ Other:

If you’re doing the work yourself, what building permits will you need?

If it’s a new build, will it be attached to the house or detached? If detached, will you connect it to the house via a walkway or dog trot?

What is your budget?

Note any other items on your wish list, special considerations, concerns, etc.

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