Setting Goals for Your Lighting Project

Design home lighting that meets your needs with our Room by Room Worksheet

hdivd1409_art-room-closet-after_s4x3 Ambient, accent and task lighting are layered perfectly in this living area that doubles as a work studio.

When planning a lighting project, it's important to first evaluate the space. Take a hard look at how you're using a particular room and how the current lighting setup is helping or not helping you.

Use the Lighting Planning Questionnaire to assess the activities that take place in the room and how the lighting is stacking up to your needs. Fill out a separate form for each room you plan to remodel.

Next, think about what changes you'd like to make to the lighting in the room. Learn about the different types of lighting and layering techniques and types of fixtures.

Then, review our tips and ideas for improving the lighting for each room.

Finally, download and fill out the Lighting Room by Room Worksheet for each room you plan to remodel. You'll use these exercises to create a roadmap to a successful lighting renovation.

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