Shoe Storage Benches

Shoe storage benches combine practical furniture with efficient shoe storage and organization.

A shoe storage bench doubles as an attractive piece of furniture. Photo courtesy HGTV Green Home 2008

Shoe storage benches are an efficient and creative way to maximize space. They not only keep your space organized, they offer a place to sit while dressing.

Inspirational Pictures of Shoe Storage Ideas and Options

They're available in a variety of styles that can complement many rooms and decors. Open-front benches, cubbie style storage, shelf storage, bin-style benches and ottomans can be used to store and organize shoes for everyone in a household.

Open-front benches have cubbies and shelves under the seating that protect shoes from damage and dust while providing for easy access. The same storage options are available with doors and reduce damage from dust accumulation and sun exposure.

Bin style benches open from the front and often can provide storage for a large number of shoes. They are attractive additions to hallways, entryways and bedrooms. Cabinets at box stores that are meant to be hung above refrigerators can be used on the floor with a cushion and turned instantly into an attractive and effective bench.

Ottoman benches are suitable for most rooms, lifestyles and decors. They open from the top and hide the shoes while also protecting them from damage, dust and exposure to sun. This style of shoe storage is convenient for family rooms, entertainment rooms and both entryways and bedrooms.

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