Shoe Storage Cabinet Options

Shoe storage cabinets can provide attractive organization alternatives.

Keep shoes organized and out of sight in your closet with a shoe storage cabinet. Photo courtesy ClosetMaid

If you're looking for long-term shoe storage, consider shoe cabinets. Not only can you buy them new, you can create a custom look with vintage furniture, shelves and standing lockers.

Inspirational Pictures of Shoe Storage Ideas and Options

While many shoe cabinets have open shelving, you can also install a shoe caddy with dividers for individual pairs.

Keep the look clean with doors — either swinging or drop-down – and consider attaching them to the wall, to make them more secure and to create more space in hallways and other tight spaces.

Modular storage drawers, available in wood, laminate and metal, offer a more modern look.

Shoe caddies are also available in affordable options in a variety of styles and materials.

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