Small Closet Organization Ideas

Even the smallest closet in your home can be turned into a functional, organized space with these simple storage solutions.

Turn your small closet into a well-organized, functional space. Atlas

It happens in every home or apartment: Time and time again you open the sliding closet doors to a small closet space and think, "What am I really going to put in there?"

Explore These Smart, Beautiful Small Closet Ideas

While it may be a tough task, organizing a small closet is a possibility. In fact, by utilizing every inch of vertical space, you can create a closet that is not only mess-free, but functional.

Budget-friendly, simple-to-install wire racks are perfect for lining the walls from top to bottom. Store everyday items, like shoes or towels on the bottom, and items that are not used as often, like out-of-season clothing or large appliances on the top shelves. Clothing rods, wall hooks and baskets that slide easily onto shelves are also useful for keeping items off the closet floor. Use floor space to organize a shoe rack or store a vacuum cleaner.

If you want to store clothes in a small closet, make sure you have the correct closet rod support to hold your items safely. Closet rod brackets are perfect for this, and super-easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver. Adjustable rods make it easy to fit your small storage area. Also consider round or oval closet rods — you can hang more in less space.

If you feel like your small closet is useless for storing items, then consider turning it into an extension of the room in which it is located. For example, many people have removed the doors from their bedroom closets and turned it into an office nook by adding a desk, chair and small floor lamp. Not only does this option provide you with a "room" you never thought you had but it adds dimension to the space, helping it to appear bigger.

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