Stop Home Energy Hogs

From thermostats to drafty windows, get tips for saving energy and money around the house.


Oh, the weather inside is frightful! Wait a second, if we're only supposed to be shivering when we step outside the house, why is it so drafty and chilly within these walls? If you're anything like me, you've found your charming older house isn't so endearing when it comes to climate control. It's time to jump start the ol' girl into a life of energy efficiency on this episode of Smart, Simple, Solved.

Single pane windows can be a pain when it comes to heat loss, and I've discovered an easy way to test if they're the reason your home feels like the Arctic.

In addition to simple hacks, I'll share the clever gadgets and tech advances that make your home smarter, brighter, and warmer while keeping the electricity bill low. For example, an app-controlled thermostat can be tuned from anywhere in the world so you're not heating an empty house. Plus, motion sensor light switches are great in places like the garage and kids' rooms where someone's always forgetting to turn out the light.

Finally, we've got a DIY solution to drafty windows and doors that's as crafty and pretty as it is climate controlling. With all these tips, you won't have to brush your teeth in a parka in the morning— a thought that warms the heart.

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