What You Should Know About Closets

Creating a user-friendly closet requires some thought and planning, but we'll help you create the right design for each space in your home

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No matter what kind of home you live in, from a small city apartment to a multilevel suburban house, you probably could use more closet space. Clothes, sporting goods, cherished collectibles and cleaning products are just a few of the many things we want and need to store. But often the busy nature of modern life leads to a home full of clutter and little organization. From your kitchen and bedroom to garage and laundry room, having a well-designed and flexible closet can make any space in your home function and look better.

But having an organized closet is just the start of it, as many homeowners now want their closets to complement the rest of their home and reflect their interests and lifestyle.

Beautiful Boutique-Inspired Closets

"These days people are making their closet their own personal boutique," reports Los Angeles professional organizer Chris McKenry, owner of GetItTogether LA! and former board member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). "Twenty years ago closets were just storage, but now people want every square inch of their home to be a place to enjoy."

But if the idea of an attractive, well-organized and efficient closet seems out of your reach, think again. If you take the time to organize what you want to store, carefully consider all of your closet storage options and take note of great tips and ideas from the experts, you too can have that stand-out closet that brings order to your home.

So take notes and get ready to have the kind of closet you always wanted but never thought you could achieve.

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