Windows Buying Guide

Your goals for replacing windows are to improve your home's beauty, performance and operation.

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When it's time to replace worn out windows or you just want a new look for your home, it's time to go shopping for windows. There are countless options for new windows from inexpensive off-the-shelf models to custom versions.

The key is to match the style of your new windows to the style of your home. You will also want windows that are energy efficient, easy to operate and low-maintenance meaning they are easy to clean, paint and repair.

Traditionally, wood windows were the best choice. They came in many different styles from classic Colonial to sleek and modern but older wood framed windows were leaky as they aged allowing cold air to enter the house in winter. Over the years, new versions of wood, aluminum, vinyl and composite construction windows have evolved so now you can get the same classic look in a material that is insect and rot proof and will help save you money on your energy bills.

Watch Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows

Start by taking a good look at your home. Walk out to the street and look back at your house. Determine the style and take notes or snap a picture with your camera. Walk around the neighborhood and look at the other houses. Chances are you'll find a style you like that matches or compliments your home.

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