Wood Floors for Bedrooms

Wood floors are a good investment in your home and can add beauty to any bedroom.

Wood floors for bedrooms are both durable and timeless.

Hardwood floors add beauty and value to a home, and they can complement any style of bedroom. Whether you are choosing a floor for your master bedroom or a child's room, you'll have a wide array of products from which to choose.

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Hardwood floors are a good choice for a master bedroom suite; if you like, you can also lay the wood floor in your master bathroom for a unified look. In a child's room, hardwood provides both beauty and durability, withstanding high foot traffic, spills and the wheeled toys kids love to push across the floor. In a guest room, hardwood floors add a touch of luxury that will make your guests feel like they're staying at a bed-and-breakfast.

Wood floors come in many types. In addition to traditional woods such as oak, birch, cherry, walnut and maple, many homeowners are now choosing bamboo and eucalyptus for their durability, sustainability and affordability. While technically not a wood but a grass, bamboo cures to a hardness that rivals oak, and grows quickly, making it an environmentally sustainable product. Eucalyptus has the appearance of mahogany and is extremely durable, as much as 20 percent harder than some oak floors, while costing as little as half the price of traditional wood flooring.

If luxury is what you're after, consider koa wood, from Brazil. It's very durable as well as beautiful, but it's among the priciest woods available. Also known as tigerwood, koa is harder than oak and has a reddish-brown grain with dark brown markings.

Once you narrow down your wood choices, you'll need to decide whether you want to buy unfinished wood planks or wood that is factory finished. You can customize your stain and finish by purchasing unfinished flooring and having your installer apply the finish to your specifications. Factory-finished wood flooring is quicker to install because the sanding and finishing process has already been done.

Hardwood floors hold up well and do not need to be replaced as often as carpet. They may, however, need to be sanded, buffed and refinished, particularly in high traffic areas.

For the look of hardwood without the cost, you may want to consider a laminate floor. Laminate flooring is available in a wide range of finishes. It's fairly easy to install compared with other types of flooring, which makes installation a good do-it-yourself project if you have a tight budget. Laminate is easy to clean, but it cannot be refinished if you decide you want a different look. Ask your dealer for a chemical-free laminate in order to avoid formaldehyde and other toxins.

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