Your Stress-Free Morning Routine

Most of us have to be morning people, but luckily there are things we can do to make it better.


It's time to rise and shine and greet the day. If those words are sending chills up your spine, it might be time to shake up your wake-up routine.

Most of us have to be morning people whether we like it or not, but luckily there are certain things we can do to become good morning people.

The beginning of the day should be a stress-free transition into your waking life, so take note from our some smart solutions you probably haven't tried yet. Whether you've got an overly aggressive alarm clock or pain-in-the-neck percolator, there’s a way to make your morning run more smoothly.

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Before you spend another morning scrambling to find things, or cursing your spouse's alarm clock, take a look at these simple solutions to de-stressing your morning routine.

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