The kitchen is the hub in any hectic home — for cooking, entertaining and relaxing — and the countertops must reflect this. A little research and planning will help you create a look you can live with and love.

Kitchen Countertops

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Your search for the perfect kitchen countertops should begin by establishing a clear vision of function, personal style and budget. Start With a Plan

Kitchen Countertops Buying Guide

  • granite countertops

    This popular option has excellent performance, but pay attention to all the high-end designs.

  • wood countertops

    While this is a great heavy-duty material, determine if the rich feel is the right choice.

  • laminate countertops

    Consider this countertop chameleon as a budget-friendly surface that can be ideal in many spaces.

  • tile countertops

    Many reserve tile for backsplashes, but don’t overlook its versatility when deciding.

  • solid surface countertops
    Solid Surface

    Get the look of stone without the heavy payments. Learn why this material is so attractive.

  • concrete countertop

    Custom craftsmanship makes this a hot trend in countertops — read up on all the options.

  • marble

    Learn about the pros and cons of this elegant option for low-traffic areas before buying.

  • engineered stone
    Engineered Stone

    They say it’s like natural stone only better. Read up on this relatively recent addition.

  • alternative materials
    Alternative Materials

    Look at alternatives such as glass, limestone, slate and semi-precious stone before shopping.

  • composite countertops

    Take into account the eco-friendly features and durability when deciding on this stylish surface.

  • soapstone countertops

    It’s soft and sophisticated, but there are a few design considerations worth looking into.

  • stainless steel
    Stainless Steel

    It's a popular choice for strength, but is this hard-working surface worth the maintenance?