Kitchen Islands: Options for Your Kitchen Space

Add a kitchen island to your space and earn seating room for guests, or even extra room to prepare food.

Kitchen islands come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colors.

Just like the floating plot of land that sits in a body of water, the kitchen island comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Whether you've decided to add it to your kitchen for use as additional counter space or as a place to gather with friends, the kitchen island is meant to match the overall feeling and function of a kitchen.

Kitchen Island Pictures – Browse Our Collection for Beautiful Ideas

The first step in deciding the design of your kitchen island will be determining how much space is available. Once you have measured the area where the kitchen island will be built, you can then begin to consider how you would like to use the space.

Many homeowners choose to build an island within their kitchen as a means for providing a space for family and guests. Pub-style chairs or stools can line one side of the island to provide casual seating for guests while you prepare food or serve appetizers and drinks.

Kitchen islands are also an ideal addition for a room that does not have adequate counter space. Many kitchen renovations include the addition of an island to provide more working room and storage space. Kitchen tools and large appliances can be stored in cabinets underneath the island, and the surface can be used as a food preparation station or even an electric cooktop.

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