Updating Kitchen Countertops

Replace old surfaces with brand new countertops or learn how to improve old ones with these ideas for updating kitchen surfaces.

Updating an old kitchen countertop is a great way to improve the look of your cooking space.

If a walk through your kitchen area makes you feel like you are taking a trip back to the '70s, then it may be time to reconsider your decor. In addition to the cabinets and wall colors, you will also need to consider updating your kitchen countertops.

Top Kitchen Countertop Options: Explore Our Pictures for Ideas

Modern kitchen surfaces are available in a wide range of textures, colors and materials, including granite, Formica, glass, stainless steel and ceramic tiles. Granite is a durable, timeless and scratch- and heat-resistant countertop surface. It is easy to clean and solid throughout, making it the perfect option for a heavily used kitchen area.

Stainless steel is another top countertop choice that can be used to update your kitchen countertop. Since it's a metal and nonporous, it doesn't have to be sealed and is naturally antibacterial, making food preparation and cleanup a cinch. On the other hand, wood countertops can also be a beautiful way to update a kitchen countertop, serving as both a functional and decorative surface area. These countertops can be made from a number of wood varieties, including oak, maple and cherry lumber.

If you wish to simply update your countertop by resurfacing the one you already have, then you may want to consider painting it or using ceramic tiles to change out the overall look. Flat latex paint comes in a variety of colors, and ceramic tiles can be used to create one solid design or a mosaic pattern. Be sure to sand down the countertop before applying new materials to ensure a better end result.

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Painting Kitchen Countertops

Painting Kitchen Countertops

For a budget-conscious kitchen countertop, consider painting over your current surface for a fresh, cost-efficient option.

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