Thinking of improving the lighting in your home? HGTVRemodels’ Home Lighting Planning Guide will walk you through the basics, including how to set goals for your lighting project, find inspiration and design ideas, and choose the products that fit your needs.

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Lighting Secrets You Need to Know

Does your home look a bit dreary? Lighten up! Give each room a lighting makeover with our expert tips and ideas. Start With the Living Room

Section 1: The Importance of Home Lighting

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Lighting has come a long way, from Edison’s simple bulb to today’s energy efficient models. As you think about your home’s lighting, consider factors like the age of your home and the conditions of your ceilings and walls.

Section 2: Developing a Lighting Design Plan

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When planning a lighting project, it’s important to first evaluate the space. Take a hard look at how you’re using a particular room and how the current lighting setup is helping or not helping you.

Section 3: Lighting Ideas, Room by Room

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Find out what types of lighting and fixtures work best for every room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen to the bathrooms.

Section 4: Lighting Buying Tips

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Get tips for choosing the right lighting products for your needs. Master common lighting terms, know the different light bulb types and find out how to read light bulb packaging.

Section 5: Getting the Project Done

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Find out how to choose the right lighting professional and create a budget for your lighting renovation.